Inspection and Filling Technology

When it comes to inspection and filling technology, we can rely on many years of experience. Based on our work in maintenance and service, today we specialise in general refits of old machines and the development of new machines to tackle customers' specific problems. We create complete systems, covering everything from planning to commissioning. In our work, maximum production for your machines and high quality are our utmost priority.


Our particular expertise lies in machines (solo) plants (monobloc) and assembly for

returnable PET and glass (for swing-top-bottles also), such as:
decappers, inspection machines (sniffers, swing-top device inspection), label removers, clamping units, infeed stars and rejection stars.

non-returnable PET and glass, such as:
capping machines, infeed, sorting and rejection units.


Having completed the purchase of the Adelski product portfolio in July 2014, Liese GmbH is now able to offer established high-quality capping and decapping machines for use not only in the beverage industry but also in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and food industries.

You will find more information about the Adelski product portfolio here.

More about our services:

New Machines

We can develop or build you

Or do you have a special requirement that ist not covered by the current market offer?

We will take up the challenge and, together with you, will develop a bespoke solution to answer to your needs.

Refits (General Overhaul)

Are your decappers or sniffers getting a bit long in the tooth? With our refits, we offer you a cost-effective means of increasing your productivity and quality. This way, you can ensure your production processes remain cost efficient.

In a refit, we completely strip down your machine and fit it with the latest mechanical and control technology, so that, whatever its design, you now have a state-of-the-art machine.

You will make considerable savings compared with the purchase of a new machine.

Dosing Technology

Here, Liese supplies reliable, high-quality dosing solutions ideally tailored to each step of the process (e.g. Liese Inline Proportional Dosing Station or Oxiperm Pro) for:

  • Cleaning contact surfaces (CIP)
  • Disinfection in filling and bottle washing plants
  • Disinfection in the water treatment process

You can find further information on our inline proportional dosing station here.






Mechanical Upgrades   

Keep your equipment up to date. This way you will always achieve optimum production results and lower your maintenance costs.

Our optimised assemblies lengthen your machine's service life and extend service intervals.

What's more, we supply matching format sets to extend your range of products.



Local Service

A team of service engineers with many years of experience in the beverage industry is at your service.

When you need us, simply contact our service hotline: +49 7203 92190-0.

Spare Parts

We keep a large, diverse range of spare and wearing parts continually in stock - naturally including electrical components.

And thanks to our carefully selected suppliers, even custom parts will speedily be on their way to you.

Request our spare parts catalogue here.

Do you, too, have a specific requirement?  We are happy to answer your questions at any time. Open the contact form here.


Take a look at some examples of our work:

Injection Star
Sodium Hydroxide Dosing with Belt Guide System
Super Block
Super Block
Transfer Star
Transfer Star
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