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Am 13. Oktober 2017 präsentiert Herzenssache e. V. auf dem Firmengelände der Liese GmbH ein Benefizkonzert zugunsten des Ambulanten...

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Liese has successfully passed the certification to the latest ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

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flexximal hygienic, Adelski-Verschließtechnik und innovative Bügelflaschengeschirrinspektion –

Die Liese GmbH präsentiert sich mit einem attraktiven...

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Die Liese GmbH übernimmt den Bereich Getränketechnik von der hasa GmbH und stärkt damit die Position als innovativer Maschinenbau- und Servicepartner...

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Mit Jürgen Seemann als neuem Vertriebsleiter stellt Liese die Weichen für den weiteren Ausbau des Geschäftes national und international

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Neue konstruktive Köpfe für den Adelski-Produktrelaunch und die Weiterentwicklung der Greifereinheit flexximal

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Fliegende Bügelverarbeitungsmaschinen und die erste echt formatunabhängige Greifereinheit - Liese auf der Brau Beviale 2014, Halle 7A, Stand 502


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Liese GmbH is taking over the product portfolio of Adelski Maschinenbau GmbH to strengthen its position in the beverage industry in the long term.

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Formatunabhängige und crashsichere Klammereinheit auf der Hannover-Messe

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When necessary, we plan, develop and design hygienic machines and systems in compliance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group)...

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Adelski Capping and Decapping Technology

We are now your partner and comprehensive service provider for any questions you might have about any aspect of Adelski's capping and decapping technology

Are you interested in a new capping/decapping machine?

There are many reasons to choose an Adelski product:

  • Hard-wearing design
  • Low wear
  • Machine safety conforming to EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Missing cap detector Quick and easy switchover to other types of bottle

Or do you already own an Adelski machine and need support? 


  • Short response times
  • Straightforward and fast access to spare parts
  • Rapid on-site service provided by experienced fitters
  • Comprehensive product advice provided by experienced staff   


Find our more about the Adelski product portfolio:



Closure Systems

Semi-automatic single-head capping machine
PP 2000 E

Professional entry-level machine
Output: up to 1500 bottles/hour
Optional 230 V version for mobile use
(ideal as a lease machine, for example)

Fully automatic single-head capping machine
PP 2001

Output: up to 3400 bottles/hour
As our "small" fully automatic machines are designed as indexing machines, they can be switched over to multiple bottle types quickly and without operation being disrupted.


Fully automatic multi-head capping machine
PP 20xx
(xx in the name of the machine is replaced with the number of heads)

Rotary-table-type machine capable of withstanding high mechanical loads
Output: up to 45,000 bottles/hour
Possible number of capping heads: 3 to 18



Decapping Technology

Fully automatic decapping machine
PPE 2000

Rotary-table-type capping machine
Output: up to 30,000 bottles/hour
Possible number of decapping heads: 3 to 18




Capping Heads

The number of capping heads on a machine is determined by the output per hour of the corresponding user operation.  

The capping heads are designed as appropriate for the corresponding cap type in conjunction with cap sorting, cap transportation and cap transfer.  

We can offer you:

  • Magnetic capping head for plastic screw caps and TWO caps 
  • Capping head for aluminium screw caps and combined aluminium/plastic ring caps


Accessories+Spare Parts 

We can provide you with a full range of accessories and all the spare parts you need for your Adelski machine:

  • Draw depth meter for cap diameters 28, 30 and 31.5
  • Torque tester precision design 0 - 32 inlbs
  • Cap-feeding-system with ascending conveyor
  • Capping and decapping heads
  • Format sets, if applicable also for third-party products
    (according to sample)
  • Electronic components
  • Pneumatic components
  • Springs, drive belts, bearings, other single parts, etc.

Do you have any wishes or want to send a request? Please contact us here.

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